Welcome to   Chiang Mai!

Welcome to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Chiang Mai is a city nestled in the hills of Northern Thailand and no visit to Thailand is complete without coming here. It's a culturally significant Thai city with dozens of temples that date back centuries - yet this city has managed to grow into a modern, creative and inspiring city while preserving it's unique Lanna and Thai history.

Chiang Mai is easy to get to and has a huge range of Hotels, Resorts and Apartments to fit any comfort level and budget. Chiang Mai also has amazing food whether you're looking for high-end restaurants or want to try some of the best street food in Thailand. There's also plenty to do and see. Welcome, and enjoy your trip to Chiang Mai!

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Things to do in Chiang Mai

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Getting to Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai has a lot to offer every kind of visitor:

  • Backpackers flock here for the cheap, clean hostels and authentic, inexpensive food.
  • Those looking for luxury and relaxation stay in 5 star resorts and spas.
  • Aspiring chefs come to be students and learn how to cook traditional Thai food.
  • Tourists wander around the walled "old town" which contains dozens of temples to explore.
  • Vegetarians, vegans and the health conscious come and love the many vegetarian restaurants!
  • Animal lovers come to feed, water and bath with elephants at one of the nearby Elephant Sanctuaries.
  • Digital nomads and business start-ups come to get some work done using the fast internet connections.

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I hope you find this information useful. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your time in Chiang Mai and the rest of Northern Thailand!

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